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Service is limitless, Possibilities are endless.

About us

Our team believes in providing the highest level of professionalism and customer service to each and every location. Whether you are hiring us for an event or a long-term venue, our services are limitless. There is no request that is impossible to fulfill. Valet 1 employees go above and beyond, no questions asked, to ensure each guest has an unforgettable experience from beginning to end. We just deliver. Valet 1 is a locally owned and operated company that strives to aid in the growth and the prosperity of the beloved community. Throughout the years we have been in operation, Valet 1 has built a number of fantastic relationships with some of the area’s finest establishments. With continued growth, year after year, Valet 1 is excited for the future in forming new partnerships and helping evolve the service industry.



A Naples native. Being born and raised in Naples, FL. James saw an opportunity in the service industry. After graduating from Naples High in '03 James opened a concierge business, offering all types of services from real estate to car care. He always had a vision in starting a valet company so he decided to take the opportunity in working for Tony Marino.


In less than two years James earned the position as lead valet for Truluck’s. Learning everything there is to know in the business he took that knowledge and went on to open his own company, Valet 1 with his two partners, Bruno and Tyler. James continues to strive for the best. Always seeking and introducing new ways in handling clients and patrons.



A Naples Native, Tyler grew up very involved with the community. At the age of 17, he was first introduced to the service field and valet parking. Working under his industry mentor Tony Marino, Tyler developed his skills in all aspects of valet parking services. From managing valet attendants and site operations to meeting with new perspective clients, Tyler has dedicated over 10 years to advancing the valet parking industry.


Tyler further improved his knowledge and understanding of the industry and business with studies in management at FGCU, Later earning a degree in Finance. After seeing much growth and opportunity in the valet industry, Tyler along with his partners opened Valet 1 in hopes to lead valet parking into a new era.



Originally from Lima, Peru, Bruno’s family was fortunate enough to immigrant to Naples, FL in the early 90’s. His commitment to community paved the way for his profession, firefighter/ paramedic for a local department. He found success in many arenas before the creation of Valet 1. His upper level education was earned from the University of Central Florida and Florida Gulf Coast University on the path of Business Mgmt. Throughout this pursuit, the ground work for Valet 1 was being forged, he started his first business, and began working as a valet attendant under the then local industry leader. Countless lessons and 7 years later with the blessing of Tony Marino and the continued support of former managing partner of Truluck's(Naples) Rick Rinella, Valet 1 opened it doors for business. Valet 1's early success is widely accredited to intrinsic core values; integrity, hard work, commitment to community, service, and excellence. Fast forward to present date and you can find Tyler, James and Bruno continuing to grow organically, one employee, one relationship, one satisfied customer at a time. We look forward to one day serving you and yours.


Valet 1 is a company that upholds our core values and philosophies above all else. In doing so we actively seek individuals who demonstrate similar beliefs and principals, and possess the ethics to help better the company in its entirety. Valet 1 currently employs 30 of the best valet attendants in the area. With a 100% retention rate, we are proud of the family we continue to build. To achieve such success, Valet 1 has constructed an intricate hiring and training process. As mentioned, we strive to find employees who possess outstanding work ethic paired with a strong moral compass. Being a customer service company, our foundation is built off Honesty, Integrity, and a Positive attitude. Once an individual has been interviewed and is approved, we process a full background check as well as a drug test. Upon passing, the candidates can be officially released into “Valet 1 Training Camp”. For a minimum of 2 weeks, each candidate will get to work alongside management and senior staff at various venues and private events to receive hands on training of the Valet 1 way. Before making it through training camp, each candidate must demonstrate a strong understanding of the following procedures:


  • Maintaining positive traffic flow on the ramp

  • Opening and closing door procedures

  • Greeting guests with eye contact and a smile

  • Ticketing procedure

  • Maintaining order in the key box

  • Parking lot setup and management

  • Directing Traffic

  • Ability to work cohesively with others

  • Providing information about the venue they are working

  • Maintaining a clean well-kept appearance


Once a candidate has met these criteria and is approved by management, they are now officially part of the Valet 1 family!

As a Valet 1 employee, each attendant has the opportunity to grow within the company through our competitive pay structure. Valet 1 is a legitimate and equal opportunity company covered under comprehensive insurance policies as well as workmans comp insurance. All employees are W-2 employees of the company, not just run of the mill private contractors like most valet organizations.

About Us
Valet 1 Difference


Valet 1 has been servicing the Naples area for over 5 years. As we grow  within our community, we have been given amazing opportunities to establish long lasting relationships with some of the finest establishments in the area. We strive to continually better our services to provide the best possible relationships with our partners.


David Hoffmann

“Valet 1 has been nothing short of outstanding. We have been working with Valet 1 down at the Bevy, and they have proven to be a reputable and efficient company providing a top of the line, white glove service like no other in the area. I look forward to continuing our relationship with Valet 1 for many years to come.”

Phil McCabe

General Manager, CEO

It has been a pleasure working with James, and his valet company, Valet 1, over the many years.  The employees are always pleasant, well groomed, and dressed, and polite to my customers.  I would recommend his company, and management to anybody needing valet services.

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Contact us

5051 Castello Drive, Suite 40

Naples FL, 34103


James J Del Sordo : 239-564-3807

Tyler Gyorkos : 239-777-8494

Bruno Valdivia : 239-398-7499

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